health post refurbishment and training success!

Thank you again to everyone who donated to the refurbishment of my health post and training for the local health workers! We just had the training yesterday and the new beds are being made as I write this. Overall the whole project went smoother than I expected and I was especially happy that the training worked out with my health post staff, who turned out to be great teachers!


Here’s Badou, a metalworker in Dabo who we commissioned to make the beds. It was his first time making one, pretty nice job! He usually makes donkey carts, farming equipment, and shutters for windows. He’s made 3 of the beds now so far, and 3 to go!


These are the mattresses we bought and had upholstered in Kolda.  We were able to get a good deal on the mattresses, and then found out the local regional hospital had leftover pleather from upholstering their own beds that they sold to us at a discount, so we were able to buy 3 more that we originally budgeted for, to replace some of the existing dilapidated ones.

DSC03831Here’s Jean-Paul, who upholstered the mattresses in Kolda


And here we are at the training! Here’s me, the ICP (head nurse) of my health post, Keita, and Alassane, a local WorldVision representative. Keita and Alassane led the training on malaria, nutrition, and sexual health, while I and two other volunteers assisted on certain topics. The 3 topics were chosen by my ICP as the most pressing health issues in the local area.  The training was attended by 14 local health workers, called ASCs (agent de sante communitaire), relais (volunteers who help with educating the community about health issues), and matrones (basically midwives), about half from Dabo, and half from nearby villages. The biggest wrench in the day’s program was lunch, which came over 2 hours late, but as they say here, “c’est Senegal, quoi?”

DSC03737Alexia talking about net care and repair during the malaria discussion

DSC03739Alassane talking about nutrition


Alassane and I talking about the “complet” model of nutrition

DSC03760Health workers during a group activity


Talking about vitamins and minerals. I’d never have guessed in my life that I’d become a nutrition “expert” but somehow it happened, thanks peace corps training!


Julia talking about sexual health


Condom demonstration


Handing out certificates after the post-tests. I was especially proud of one older matrone, who was illiterate so I transcribed her test answers and she went from a  10,5/20 on the pre-test to a 18/20 on the post-test! In fact, the overall average improvement in test scores was nearly 70%, well over the goal of 50%, which I was pretty ecstatic about (that and calculating that out in an excel document) – so some learning did indeed go on! 🙂 I am excited to work more with the ASCs in doing health talks on these topics for nearby villages, passing on what was learned here.

UPDATE: Finally got a photo of the new beds in situ, with new rebar mosquito net-hanging structures that the health post installed as well. Here’s one, with Oumar Balde, a community member who was there to visit his sick wife, demonstrating how to properly tuck in a mosquito net.


THANK YOU again to everyone who made this possible!


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  1. congratulations Sophie and all who are truly making a difference!!

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